What is YOBO SOJU?
YOBO SOJU is an award-winning, craft soju made right here in New York from grapes. YOBO is handmade using local harvest grapes and water. You can expect a clean and refreshing experience as there are are no sulfites, preservatives, additives or sugars added. YOBO is 23% ABV and proudly small batch.

What is Soju?
Soju was developed in Korea in the 1300s during the period of a Mongolian invasion. The original product was a much stronger, harsher beverage. Traditionally, soju was distilled from rice, but is currently distilled from many different base ingredients including wheat, barley, potato and tapioca. Modern soju is generally a clear spirit, usually around 24% alcohol.

What does "Craft" mean?
To us, the term "Craft" refers to the care, consideration and vision that goes into a product. Craft refers to our thoughtful production process, the high quality ingredients and the hardworking people who all play a key role in making our innovative product. 

How do you suggest drinking YOBO SOJU?
YOBO is best straight and ice-chilled.  It also tastes great on the rocks with citrus. YOBO can also be mixed with any number of sodas and juices. It can also be a key ingredient for many cocktails and concoctions. We would love to hear about the creative ways you have enjoyed YOBO. Have fun with it!

How does YOBO SOJU compare with other soju on the market?
YOBO is one of the highest, if not the highest, quality soju currently in the market. The smoothness and elegance of YOBO can be compared to the best clear spirits in all categories.